SAIS Core Training : TQI Accredited

This FREE 3 Hour TQI-accredited training works to unpack and examine the experiences of Australian LGBTIQ+ students, and how to be more inclusive.

Do you want to learn about how you can contribute to building safer and more inclusive schools for all students?

What you'll learn

  • Explore and unpack gender, sex, and sexuality
  • Understand the school experiences of Australian LGBTIQ+ students
  • Examine current research on Australian LGBTIQ+ students
  • Discover how SAIS can help support you and your school
  • Learn how to build a safe and supportive school
  • Discuss strategies to select and include appropriate teaching and learning resources in your classroom and school
  • Network with other educators and school staff

This free dynamic training is back and better than ever with new, updated data and fun new interactive activities.

School-based and whole-of-staff training can be booked in with us at your convenience, completely free of charge so get in touch and book in your school training with us!

We offer a 2-hour condensed training worth 2 TQI points or a more in-depth 3-hour version of the training worth 3 TQI points. Training can be delivered face-to-face or remotely via Zoom so there are plenty of options to work with you, your team or your school.

As always, we can also run specific, targeted training, information sessions or focus groups with you or your school to address specific areas of need, at no cost. These additional trainings however do not come with TQI accreditation; however, it can count towards self-nominated professional learning. Please get in touch if you think we can support you!


  • TERM 1: 29 MARCH 2022
  • TERM 2: 28 JUNE 2022
  • TERM 3: 30 SEPTEMBER 2022
  • TERM 4: 29 NOVEMBER 2022


Booking can be made online via the evenbrite link below or by contacting us during office hours. This training is free and TQI Accredited.

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02 6247 3077