SAIS School based Activity & Events Guide

Timing: Events and activities in schools can be held at any time of the year - but planning them to coincide with an externally recognised day can provide an opportunity to focus on a particular issue or topic. The highlights the major days of significance focused on diversity, bullying and human rights as well as gender, sex, and sexuality. 

Be Active: Events and activities in schools can be a great way to focusing attention on issues that need to be addressed and help to build supportive school communities. They can also provide ‘allies’ and ‘champions’ with ways to be more visible within your school. This visibility is important for students who might not be sure where they can find support when they need it. 

Achieving good outcomes like this doesn’t ‘just happen’. It is important to think about what you want the event to achieve, who you need to help organise, and run the event, and how other people will be able to choose to participate. 

An event or activity that isn’t planned well may not achieve the outcome you are aiming for – and sometimes, events that aren’t planned well (despite all the best intentions) can do more harm than good. With consideration, this can be avoided. 


SAIS can support educators to use this tool and identify where resources can be found.