Teaching and Learning Resource Assessment Tool

Teaching and learning materials that are inclusive of same sex attracted, sex and gender diverse young people are one way to help build safe and inclusive school environments. Whether it be explicit teaching on the topics or embedding inclusive materials across the curriculum, it is important educators critically reflect on the materials they are using. 

The Safe and Inclusive Schools (SAIS) Initiative does not produce classroom teaching materials, nor provide any blanket endorsements or recommendations. There are already a large number of resources available, and more are produced every year. They are not all appropriate for every school community or age group. 

This tool is designed to support educators to assess materials for quality and inclusiveness and identify any adaptations that will be required to use the materials successfully with students. Remember, teaching strategies that require the student to engage in critical thinking are important, even when using the highest quality resource.


SAIS can support educators to use this tool and identify where resources can be found.