IDAHOBIT Activities and Resources Secondary Teachers

IDAHOBIT Activities Secondary  Teachers

Sunday May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia & Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).

Below are some activities and resources for Secondary Teachers you may wish to incorporate into your lessons this week or next week.


If you are having a Zoom Meeting with your class, consider using one of the IDAHOBIT Zoom Backgrounds to start a discussion. 


  1. Watch YouTube The Price of Exclusion that outlines the cost of homophobia to companies and economies 
  2. Watch YouTube Dear My Year 7 Self – Straight People Against Homophobia and discuss.
  3. Complete some of the activities outlined in the UNESCO IDAHOBIT LESSON PLANS
    • Activity 3: Mixing it up is suggested for learners aged 13 and above 
    • Activity 4: What Are They Thinking? is suggested for learners aged 13 and above 
  4. Watch YouTube How Homophobia Sounds to Normal People and discuss 
  5. Watch You Can’t Ask That! Transgender episode
  6. Watch You Can’t Ask That! Intersex episode
  7. Watch some ads that challenge people who say, “That’s so gay!” and discuss their effectiveness.
    • If It's Not Gay, It's Not Gay | RainbowYOUTH 
    • That's So Gay | Wanda Sykes 
    • GLSEN TV AD | Think Before You Speak: Supermarket 
    What can you say when you hear people say this? 
  8. Watch the YouTube Create Positive Chat this IDAHOBIT. After viewing, go to and follow the instructions to create a chatterbox 
  9. Listen to the song Homophobia by Chumbawamba and read the lyrics. This song was written in 1994 in England. Find out more about the song and why the band wrote it. 
  10. Watch the video about Intersex people and discuss.